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Transporting dogs and cats is a challenge, especially across Europe. Wagtrails has established routes to and from North Cyprus travelling through Turkey and Europe (EU). We have pickup and drop off points for your cat and dog along the route.

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Wagtrails Ltd. Fully certified UK animal transporter

Wagtrails takes the transportation of every animal under our care with the utmost of seriousness. We exceed all international regulatory and legal certification requirements legislated by the UK and Europe. We navigate the complexities of the new pandemic and Brexit requirements so that you and your pet don't have to.

Wagtrails Ltd. possesses a DEFRA Type 2 animal transporter authorisation together with DEFRA Road Vehicle approval certified by the FTA. Following Brexit we also hold a Type 2 EU Licence and vehicle certificate of approval as awarded by DAFM, Dublin.

We are also proud of the professionalism and care instilled in our drivers all of whom possess their EU competence certificates and EU authorisation certificates issued by the DAFM. Additionally, most of our drivers possess certificates in animal care, animal health, hygene, and nutrition for animals awarded by the CPD.

Transporting animals is the job we do, but its commitment to animal comfort and care that brings us the pride in the services we provide to both owners and their pets.

Defra approved
FTA approved
DAFM approved
CPD certified

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Our Pet Travel Services

Dog Courier Van

Overland Animal Transit

Specialising in dog and cat transit services. We offer a caring and efficient solution that takes into account the special requirements of the animals with 24/7 monitoring throughout the journey for owners peace of mind.

Doggie Paperwork

Animal Travel Paperwork

Preparation of animal travel documents can be challenging. We take care of all the local paperwork to enable travel.

Vetinary Care

Immunisation and Blood Tests

For owners outside of the EU, we provide additional services for all veterinary customs requirements for inbound travel.

Your Transport Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, dogs and cats will need to have rabies injections and then a blood test which is sent off for testing. When leaving from TRNC, animals cannot travel until 3 months after the rabies blood test is taken. The results will then be sent in time for travel. When leaving from UK, animals cannot travel until 4 weeks after the rabies blood test is taken.
General Pet Travel Requirements based on guidance from the UK Agnecy for Animal and Plant Health
4. General scheme requirements for exports from GB to EU countries are:
  • 1. The Pet Travel requirements allow pet dogs, cats and ferrets from certain countries to enter Great Britain (GB) without quarantine as long as they meet the conditions of the scheme.
  • 2. It also means that people in GB can take their dogs, cats and ferrets to European Union (EU) countries, and bring them back to GB without the need for the animals to enter quarantine.
  • 3. These rules are in place to keep GB free from rabies and certain other diseases.
  • 4. General scheme requirements for exports from GB to EU countries are:
    • Microchip or legible tattoo imprinted prior to 3 July 2011
    • Rabies vaccination
    • 21 day wait before being eligible to travel to other EU countries
    • Animal Health Certificates (AHCs)
  • 5. Pet passports issued in an EU country or Northern Ireland can still be used for exports from GB to the EU, as long as the rabies vaccination is still valid.
  • 6. GB OVs cannot enter rabies vaccination details in EU issued pet passports. The only sections of an EU passport which may be completed by GB OVs are the tapeworm and clinical examination sections.
  • 7. If a rabies vaccination in an EU issued pet passport has expired whilst the pet has been in GB, an Animal Health Certificate must be issued.
Wagtrails travels regularly between the UK and North Cyrprus. The route from the UK passes through the Folkstone Euro tunnel through the heart of Eurpean countries and onward through Turkey. The route will vary dependend on our pet pickup and drop off itinerary. On the Cyprus end our route returns us to the Kyrenia port, via ferry from Turkey. When returning to the UK, its the same journey in the opposite direction.
We try to make the journey as quick as possible to minimise the time that your pet is in the van. The journey is usually between 4-5 days in total.
We do have a tracking device on board, the details of which you will be informed of before departure. That way, you can see exactly where your pet is and how close they are getting to you.
We will be taking regular comfort breaks throughout the journey where the dogs will be walked each time and given plenty of fuss from the drivers.
Yes, we will provide dry food for the dogs along the journey, but if there is a specific type of food that your pet needs, then you can provide it.
Yes, we have DEFRA Type 2 animal transporter authorisation together with Road Vehicle Certification for the UK and Type 2 EU Licence to transport cats, dogs and ferrets. The drivers also have EU competence certificates and EU authorisation certificates.
Our drivers have completed an Animal Care course which includes Animal Care and Welfare, Basic Animal Health, Hygiene, First Aid for Animals and Nutrition as part of the CPD Certificate Service and IAO International Accreditation Organisation.
We have pet in transit insurance and also Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance in place to ensure we are fully covered for any eventuality.
No, unfortunately not. It is company policy to not take passengers on board. Your pet will be looked after during the journey as if it were our own, so you can rest assured of that.
We will arrange that for you. The price quoted includes obtaining the relevant documents for travel.